Episode 27: What We Saw

“White people being white.” “It’s two Americas we live in.” “When will it end?”

These were a few of our takes on the violent insurrection of January 6, when a mob of Trump supporters took over the Capitol building, terrorized the Congress for hours, took a bunch of selfies, and walked away mostly untouched.

Where were the police? Where was the deadly force? A few of us who marched in Black Lives Matter protests this summer couldn’t help noticing the difference in the authorities’ response to these mostly white rioters, who, we know now, could have done a lot worse.

“America will uphold white supremacy and white power at all costs,” says Klarke Griffith, a first-year student at The Ohio State University.

So what, we give up? Nah. Listen.

The podcasters:

  • Noah Hawes (host), of Elementz
  • Leslie Walker, of Elementz
  • Youssouf Atwe, of Elementz
  • Saige Smith, Ohio Univeristy
  • Klarke Griffith, The Ohio State University, Cincinnati Black United Front
  • Enock Sadiki, Aiken H.S.

Look for a full-length video version of this episode soon on the Elementz YouTube channel.

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