Yoni Lee

Hi I’m Yoni, and I’m a self-taught digital/semi-realistic artist. Even though I really love and enjoy creating art, in my spare time I write poetry and short stories. I really like art because it gives me an outlet for all of my creativity and imagination. I love creating characters for those who usually don’t see themselves or don’t see positive representation of themselves anywhere else, to sort of show them that they are loved and to remind them that they are not alone.

When I was creating this logo I was going for an image that included modern, eye-catching art while still including a few problems we (younger people) face. The fists were to represent unity no matter you race, sexuality, religion, etc.

What “Gen Z” means for me is just as I said, Unity. It’s a way for me to talk to other people who are like me about things that we all face without the fear of being judged or bashed for my beliefs or opinions. Even though we might all be different, we are all united as human at the end of the day. “Gen Z” means we are together, no matter what.

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