Part One (Women’s History Series)- Nevertheless She Persisted: Teaching Resources for Women’s History Month

Rosie the Riveter- War Production Coordinating Committee

Dr. David Childs, Ph.D.
Northern Kentucky University

It is March! Get excited for the launch of women’s history month. “International Women’s Day, March 8, is also a part of the celebration each year… For educators and students, the month provides a wonderful opportunity to explore and dig deeper into women’s contributions, struggles, and triumphs throughout history.” We thought we would start off right away and offer some curricular resources for women’s history month. Educators should check out the site Eutopia for an abundance of curriculum and unit planning ideas.

Edutopia is “dedicated to transforming K-12 education so that all students can acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to thrive in their studies, careers, and adult lives.” One of their most recent articles is a series of lesson plans devoted to teaching women’s history. 

“A great place to start is the National Women’s History project, where students can explore this year’s theme, Nevertheless, She Persisted: Honoring Women Who Fight All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Teachers will find some great resources for incorporating women’s history into lessons this month and beyond, as well as for exploring gender roles and stereotypes with students.”

Here are some links to lesson plans for Women’s History month from Edutopia.
National Women’s History Museum

Other Teaching Resources for Women’s History

March is National Women’s History Month- Classroom Resources

What are Gender Stereotypes?


  1. This article is amazing for teachers to be able to find resources to use in the classroom and to help their students learn about the importance of Women’s History Month! It is important to be celebrating Women ‘s History Month and it is also important to be incorporating and focusing on influential women as a topic in the classroom. Teachers need to show children that women have done great things for our country. Women’s history is not a highly focused topic in schools and it needs to become more prominent. The linked resources are a great place for teachers to find materials to be able to teach their students about women’s history. I will definitely save this article so I can use the resources one day in my future classroom. The lesson plans given in this article will be a great way to teach my students about women’s history!

  2. This article was very helpful. I think having more resources such as lesson plans and books to help teach about women’s history is very important and something I will save for my classroom next year. I think that its something that a lot of teachers don’t take the time to discuss women’s history. At least when I was in school we never talked about it. I think its very important because women’s history is American history and learning about this can inspire young girls to achieve their goals and to work hard. I think this article also brought up the idea of incorporating these resources into other lessons which is great because students are still learning about women’s history but you can do two things at once if you don’t have time for an entire unit on women history you can incorporate it into another lesson.

  3. I really liked this article because it offered some great resources that could be used in the classroom. This is just a small drop in a much larger body of water that signifies the importance of women’s history and all the fantastic contributions that they have made in our society. By having these resources to use in the classroom, you will be able to show your students the important things these women did to make a difference. I am definitely planning on using these resources in my future classroom, and I cannot wait to educate my future students about the amazing things that women have done to make our world a better place!

  4. March is the month to celebrate all the great women throughout history and today. This month is important for us to discuss in society, and especially in our future classrooms. As teachers, it is important for students to learn about all aspects of culture including the impact that women have had throughout history. As the article points out, Edutopia provides great sources for teaching women history. Finally, the article gives a list of great resources that are helpful to use in the classroom. Overall, teaching women’s history is an essential part to social studies curriculum.

  5. This article is a great for teachers to use in their classroom! I think it is really important for teachers to cover the important women that made history. I think sometimes they get forgotten about and there are some women that did extremely important things! I really don’t ever remember my history teachers doing a whole lot on Women’s History Month, so these teaching resources will be very useful to me in my future classroom! I would love to use these resources in my classroom, not just in March, but throughout the entire year, highlighting different women that had an impact on our lives! I really like the resource of the Women’s History Museum because I had no idea there even was one! This would be a really cool virtual field trip to take in March to kick off the month!

  6. Thank you for providing so many useful resources to use in the classroom for Women’s History month. When I was in high school and grade school, I do not recall my teachers incorporating Women’s History in the history classes. I think educators should teach Women’s History throughout the school year just not in the month that is dedicated to women’s history. These resources are great for students to explore and learn more about women in history. Starting in elementary grades and continuing throughout high school, teachers should implement weekly lessons about women in history for students. Students will be able to take this knowledge and lessons learned through the exploring women’s history and apply it to their daily lives.

  7. Now more than ever, women’s rights and abilities surround us every day. Yes, we did conquer women’s rights and now everybody is equal but there is more still to discuss. The resources provided are a great way to discover how to put this historical month into classrooms because not only do we all need to understand why we celebrate women and the history they have but because it can be incredibly hard to find appropriate and legitimate resources for teaching students. This goes beyond the week of March 8th and the month of March, this is something that can and should be used year round. Just like Black History and other races history, Women’s history needs to be taught in elementary classrooms and carried throughout school and into everyday lives.

  8. This is a great article to introduce the significance of Women’s History Month! While it is important to recognize it and implement it into classrooms during this month, it is also vital that we are incorporating these themes of influential women in our classrooms on a daily basis, not just for a certain month. There are so many different opportunities to celebrate and dive deeper into this subject of women’s contributions, struggles, and triumphs. The linked article provides great resources to understand the significance of this month as a whole, International Women’s Day on March 8th, and so on. I love the quote: “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Our country and world have been able to see and study some amazing women who have made lasting impacts!

  9. Creating time and space for the recognition of those who have had to fight for their rights in this country is so important. Whether it’s Women’s History, Black History, Latino History, LGBTQ+ History, it is essential to our nation that we acknowledge these groups and educate. There are new things to be learned every day that can help us come together and dissolve prejudices. These resources are just the first stepping stone towards that conversation but they are crucial! One of the most interesting things about this article – I had no clue a Women’s History Museum even existed! Its nice to learn about others and also see myself as a woman represented.

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