Episode 31: Fluke Skywalker: A Force for Good

“The galaxy is experiencing a time of great hardship. Both Illness and plight run rampant across the terrestrial planet of EARTH. In an attempt to combat this slew of earthly complications, the FORCE has awakened, and sought out a powerful ally, YOU. Democracy & Me interns Jordan Polk and Alex Bentley, interview the RESISTANCE fighter and Jedi Knight, FLUKE SKYWALKER, who is the spitting image of Mark Hamill. Together, these three rebels discuss how YOU can play a part in restoring peace and justice to the galaxy…”

To get the full epic effect of this podcast, watch the video on our Democracy & Z YouTube channel, and why not subscribe while you’re at it? For more on the out-of-this-world philanthropy of Fluke Skywalker (who prefers to keep his non-Jedi identity out of the spotlight).

And here’s a link to Fluke’s favorite local charity, The Ronald McDonald House of Cincinnati, which serves families of children facing medical challenges.

The podcasters:

  • Jordan Polk (host), University of Cincinnati
  • Alex Bentley, University of Cincinnati (Transition & Access Program)
  • With special guest Fluke Skywalker, part-time Jedi Knight

Interview recorded February 22, 2021, via Zoom

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