Episode 17: Our Future On Fire

The science is clear: Our planet is getting hotter, humans are responsible, and the time to reverse course is fast running out. Raging wildfires for months on end? Ever more destructive hurricanes? Entire swaths of the country fast becoming unlivable, not to mention mass extinctions of plants and wildlife? We in Gen Z hate to say “I told you so,” but… seriously, people, we’ve been marching and meme-ing about this stuff since middle school.

In this podcast, though, we’re focused on solutions. Meet two teenage brothers from the Navajo Nation whose commitment to ecology began, they say, the day they were born—actually, long before that. Here they share their wisdom, their fears, and their faith in positive change through collective action, with some Cincinnati-area students.

Listen, learn, share your comments, and then get to work with us, saving the Earth.       

The podcasters:

Anne Stevenson (host), University of Cincinnati (Transitions and Access Program)

Jordan Polk, University of Cincinnati (Rhetoric and Professional Writing Program)

Nico Luginbill, Walnut Hills H.S.

Owen Derico, Walnut Hills H.S. and Young Activists Coalition

Makaius and Makairyn Marks, brothers of the Navajo Nation, joining us via Zoom from Where the Water Comes Together, or Tonlea (Red Lake), in northeastern Arizona

Here’s a link to a PBS Newshour Extra video and lesson plan on the California wildfires and climate change: 

To hear from other young activists living in areas most affected by climate change, and learn how you can stand with them, check out Global Climate Strike.

And here’s a link to a recent NPR report on how these issues are playing out in the Presidential race:

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