Elementary Lesson Plans on Diversity

Dr. David Childs, D.D., Ph.D.
Northern Kentucky University

We will continue our theme of providing teacher resources for K-12 classrooms. In our latest article we highlighted resources from PBS Learning Media for elementary social studies teachers. In this article we want to highlight a number of teaching resources for educators that want to teach on the topic of diversity to younger children. Many educators shy away from teaching about diversity and inclusion in their classroom because it is such a controversial topic and they may also feel inadequately prepared to discuss it with students. Furthermore, there is even legislation at the state level that regulates what can and cannot be taught as it relates to the topic of diversity. Below we provide some lesson plans and resources that teachers can use to address the subject matter in a meaningful, creative and effective way.

Lesson Plans and Resources on Diversity and Inclusion
Activities that Promote Racial and Cultural Awareness
Looking Closely at Ourselves
Tolerance in Times of Trial
YWCA is on a mission to Stand Against Racism!
Diversity: Differences Make us Unique- Kindergarten
Diversity Lesson Plan- Kindergarten
Kindergarten Diversity
I Am Special and You Are Special Too Lesson Series
15 Cultural Diversity Activities For Elementary Students
Teaching Tolerance ~ Elementary Lesson Plans
5th Grade Diversity Lessons
Diversity Using Literature- Elementary
Culture and Change: Black History in America

Please share what resources you find useful for your teaching.

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  1. I selected the “Culture and Change Black History in America” lesson plan and the topic was about Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks’ story was one of the first Black History stories I was told as a student so I think it is a great story to tell younger students as well, and it’s a great story to start with when teaching and discussing Black History. This website does a great job of explaining what Rosa Parks did and the impact she had on Black People then and today, so it would be very helpful in making a lesson plan. I looked at other resources and lesson plans that are linked in this article and I think that those are also very good lesson plans to explain and teach Black History.

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