Cincinnati Public Radio Launches Internship Program Through Democracy & Me

Meet the D&M Intern Team!

These paid positions are made possible by support from the Charles H. Dater Foundation, so please join us in thanking them and congratulating our inaugural class!

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A Colorful Way to Get Out the Vote

September 25, 2020 0

Our friends at Art on the Streets are making it easy (and fun) to get information about voting in 2020, with these super-cool coloring pages created by […]

A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.

— James Freeman Clarke

Just For Kids: Democracy 101

Democracy 101

We’re launching a series of fun learning resources for younger students, created by older ones.

The goal is to introduce a few important civics topics in an engaging way, so that when kids hit those Government Strand curriculum standards in grades 7 and 8, they’re ready!

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Democracy & Z Democracy & Z is a student podcast, developed in collaboration with our friends at Elementz.

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Student Spotlight

Stand And Be Counted

Have you ever thought about how the government knows how many people are in the country?

Aiken H.S. Students Speak Out on the Census.

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What Does Justice Look Like?

What Does Justice Look Like?

Speak out TODAY and share the vision you’re protesting for.

WVXU’s Democracy & Me program, in partnership with Elementz, invites young people to make your voices heard, now.

Watch their video responses here.

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