Youth At The Booth Needs You!

Do you wish to be more involved in the democratic process? Looking for civic engagement opportunities? Then join Youth At The Booth!

In an effort to create awareness and raise turnout surrounding the voting process, participating schools have once again partnered with Hamilton County Board Of Election’s Youth At The Booth Campaign for the upcoming November 5, General Election.  

Are you passionate about the important issues? Serve your community by reaching out, and connecting with people from across the area!  Students who take advantage of this experience are some who care deeply about local people and national topics. Volunteers receive a 4-hour training session, work set-up and Election Day, and also receive compensation for their time as poll workers.

Students are also encouraged to use #youthatthebooth on social media, and share your voting story! 

Participant Requirements:

  • Students must be at least 17 years old and a Senior in High School
  • a US Citizen & resident of Hamilton County 
  • Complete the necessary paperwork – a voter registration form (even if 17 years old) & Student Participation/Parent permission form 
  •  Students must provide their own transportation to the assignments 
  • Communicate with the Hamilton County BOE Precinct Election official coordinators about their assigned training class and polling place assignment 
  • Be able to work the ENTIRE day

 For more information visit: 

Board Of Elections packet:

Hamilton County’s website:

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  1. Your Youth at the Booth reps were at my son’s school today. He came home and told me that he had been required to register to vote even though he won’t be old enough by the next election. Something in the delivery of the message is coercing compliance from these kids. You need to reexamine how this is working.

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