What now?

March 24, 2018 Cincinnati, OH March for Our Lives at City Hall Photo by Mary Kay Connolly for Democracy & Me

Thousands listened at Cincinnati City Hall as young leaders spoke about their mission to influence elected officials to address gun violence at their schools and in their communities. Other marches and school walkouts are scheduled in April. This does not seem to be an issue that will disappear any time soon. How are these and other current  events being incorporated into  high school and college journalism classes?  Educational standards emphasize instruction that is relevant; providing opportunities for students to apply concepts to real world situations.

Middle and elementary students are also exerting their voices through social media platforms and public events. Teachers may find the resources provided by the American Press Institute to be helpful in teaching journalistic concepts. The API offers to teachers a 5 lesson unit with lesson plans, worksheets, informational charts, and a glossary  to guide students in designing their own school newspaper while learning journalistic principles.

Link here for resources:  https://www.americanpressinstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Creating-A-Classroom-Newspaper.pdf


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  1. To answer the question 2 years later so to what now? I would say nothing. Sadly, nothing has really changed when it comes to gun violence or gun laws. I am so happy that this article included that middle and even elementary school students are voicing their opinions on matters such as gun violence. I feel like we, the young people are the future of America and our voices should be heard about the world we will have to spend our lives in.

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