Student Filmmakers Tackle Vaping

A group of Cincinnati area high school students are producing a PSA to discourage middle schoolers from vaping.

“It’s been a big epidemic—I know a ton of people at my school who’ve been getting in trouble for it,” says Xander Wynn, a sophomore at Walnut Hills High School. He’s one of a couple dozen area students working as writers, production crew, actors, and editors for Fourthwall Youth Studios, on a short video commissioned by St. Elizabeth Medical Center, with support from ArtsWave.

“Older people trying to say, ‘Don’t do this’—that doesn’t really work,” Xander adds. “But we’re all high schoolers working on this film, and we’re telling you, vaping is not cool. Maybe if it’s your peers telling you, you’ll listen.”

Student filmmaker Xander Wynn on set

Here’s a link to WVXU reporter Ambriehl Crutchfield’s story.

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