Part Two: School Safety: Arming our School Personnel

“I never talk politics with my students.”

So spoke a Cincinnati high school math & computer science teacher Saturday March 24, 2018 at Cincinnati’s March for Our Lives. With a small smile, he then shared that he recently decided to open a conversation with his students about the national student movements to address school safety and gun control legislation.

What’s happening in schools around the country? For several years, schools in mostly rural areas of Texas have been training and arming teachers that volunteer. Search the report by CNN digital associate reporter, Nicole Chavez. Her report includes and administrator arguments supporting teachers carrying guns at school.

In Southwest Ohio, districts in Brown and Butler County already have concealed carry and personnel trainings in place. It is not known how many districts do have concealed carry in their schools because some have chosen varied levels of transparency with the public.  To learn more information about your school district policies and plans, contact your district central office or attend local school board and professional association meetings.

Democracy & Me invites school personnel to share their school and district policies to help educators make informed decisions around this crucial conversation.


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