Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook continues to face scrutiny about how FaceBook uses subscribers’ personal information for marketing, trending data, and influencing public opinion or elections. That company is not alone in this debate. While companies, legislators, and lawyers are working to create policy; educators can help students understand the latest issues around privacy and controlling one’s digital footprint.

Engaging students first in understanding and managing their own public/private presence is an effective way to introduce them to professional or journalistic privacy ethics. Discussion:How are we taking precautions to protect our personal information and preferences?  Do we care?

Over the coming days, we will be sharing effective resources for use in the classroom. Teachers, you are also invited to share activities and resources here that have been successfully used in your classroom.

  • Upcoming posts will explore and provide resources on these topics:
  • How Much Do I Want to Share? Pros & Cons of sharing information through social media.
  • What kinds of information is being collected about me online
  • Lesson Plans for grades 8-12
  • Building discussion from personal practices to accepted professional journalism practices
  • Where do professionals draw the line between a subject’s privacy and the public good?
  • Professional associations for teachers and students of journalism … and ideas from expert teachers like you!

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