New Lesson Plans are Available

Democracy and Me is proud to present NEW lesson plan materials created by educator Mary Kay Connolly. Mary Kay is a professional consultant and trainer in Service Learning pedagogy. As a teacher educator, she champions experiential education that is relevant and action-based.

The new lesson plans include the standards; resources and worksheets; procedures; assessment; and extension exercises.

They are:

United States Elections: History of Voting Rights & Public Policy – Students will investigate and be able to explain how the United States Constitution
can be changed from time to time through both formal and informal processes (e.g. amendments, court cases, executive actions) to meet the needs of its citizens or political groups.

Gerrymandering – How States Influence National Elections – Students will investigate and be able to defend an argument pertaining to historical policies and practices that have influenced the outcomes of state and federal elections.

Basic Principles Defining American Government – The processes of persuasion, compromise, consensus building and negotiation contribute to the resolution of conflicts and differences. Students will explore “How might we each convey our values and principles to others?”

How Does The Constitution Get Amended? – Constitutional government in the United States has changed over time as a result of amendments to the U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court decisions, legislation and informal practices. How does this take place?

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