Kids4Peace Works to Make a Difference

K4P or Kids4Peace, is a worldwide nonprofit interfaith organization with chapters in Jerusalem, France and North America. Since 2002, they have been dedicated to ending conflicts and inspiring youth through leadership.

This year alone, there are more than 3,260 members and 587 active peace leaders who strive to create a significant social impact around the world.

Participants who join K4P learn how to approach diversity in other religions, share their own beliefs and stand up in support of others. The movement also operates multiple international camps and leadership programs every year for more than 500 youth from Palestine, Israel, and North America.

K4P also sponsors many projects surrounding the idea of kindness, and personal growth. For educators, parents and students, their peace program offers free peace curriculum sheets to those who want to foster change in their community.

Are you interested in this great opportunity to engage with others, and ready to become a force for change? Then commit to the #PeaceDayChallenge September 21, and inspire others to transform peace action today!

Kids4Peace has a Cincinnati chapter. You can learn more at Or, check out the national organization at, or +1 202-544-3000.

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