Let’s Manage Our Digital Footprint

While summer is a time to refresh and reconnect with family and friends, it is also a time that teachers devote their energy to research, professional development and developing creative and relevant units of study. The following ideas and resources suggest lessons that promote critical thinking and research skills, along with management of our  personal digital footprint and profile.

Bellringer: “What does my Online Profile tell about me?”

LISTENING: Listen to NPR’s All Tech Considered, July 11, 2016 hosted by Robert Siegal. “What kind of information is being collected about me when I’m online?” Reflection: What does the following quote mean to me? “Because there are no online privacy laws in the United States, there’s no stop sign, there’s no go slow sign, there’s no crossing guard. The message is anything goes,” Chester said. – Jeff Chester, Director of Center for Digital Democracy



Students will use the information learned from the NPR podcast, along with the following resources and other information identified through class research; to demonstrate skill and apply new knowledge by managing their own digital footprint on FB or another social media site.


1. TeachThought is is a website directed toward teaching in the 21st Century. The following article offers tips to help students (and teachers) to manage their online footprint. https://www.teachthought.com/the-future-of-learning/11-tips-for-students-tomanage-their-digital-footprints/

2. The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA)is an independent nonprofit organization that establishes and enforces responsible privacy practices for relevant digital advertising; providing consumers with enhanced transparency and control. NOTE: The DAA is led by leading advertising and marketing trade associations.

Optional extension assignment: Create a presentation (webinar, powerpoint, prezi, video, etc.) that guides the audience through ways to manage their digital profile. Present to parents, middle school students, senior citizen groups.

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