Let’s Learn about Juneteenth: Resources For an Important US National Holiday

Graphic from Interlochen Public Radio

By Dr. David Childs, Ph.D., D.D.
Northern Kentucky University

“Juneteenth is a holiday that celebrates the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States. It is also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day. The holiday originated in Texas, but is now celebrated throughout the United States annually on June 19. Most states legally recognize the holiday, and momentum is mounting to make it nationally recognized; a result of the protest surrounding George Floyd’s death. Juneteenth commemorates the day when Union army general Gordon Granger “announced federal orders in Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865, proclaiming that all slaves in Texas were free.”

The excerpt is from an article we published in 2020 on this site entitled “A Brief History of Juneteenth: Including Resources for Teachers and Home School Parents.” Please check out the article and gain a brief overview of the history of the holiday and celebration.

Demonstrators take part in a Juneteenth march and rally Friday in Washington, D.C., one of a number of major cities to see large gatherings commemorating the date. Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

Here are some other resources to learn more about Juneteenth.
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Here are some resources that educators can use to teach Juneteenth
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Also, please check out these Juneteenth celebrations in the Cincinnati area!
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Mobile Black Wall Street: Juneteenth Festival Esoteric
Juneteenth Tasting Event at Findlay Market

For more information or questions about this material or any of the articles written on the Democracy and Me site please contact the educational coordinator Dr. David Childs-  childsd1@nku.edu. 


  1. I never understood why Juneteenth was not an official federal holiday. I feel like the most important thing we can do for our youth is to teach them and this date was something I was not taught about in any History class. I actually discovered it on my iPhone while looking at my calendar.

  2. I had not been aware of this significant date in history until Joe Biden signed a bill making it a national holiday and even then wasn’t fully aware of what this meant. While I believe this took far too long to happen, I am glad to see that this extremely important date is now being recognized across the states.
    Additionally, I really liked the resources attached to this article to understand the significance of this event and to help educators navigate it in the classroom. As the world is shifting and advocating for equity and inclusion these are some great tools to help educators be more inclusive and promote multiple perspectives within the classroom.

  3. I was not aware of the context of Juneteeth until after reading this assignment. I feel like media blew this out of proportion and didn’t do a great job of conveying the importance and meaning behind making this a holiday. I feel that any opportunity to address with our youth and continue to educate them, this is a great way.

  4. I like this article because I didn’t know what Juneteenth was as an African America female. I think this is a holiday that should be written about or talked about in school. I, and many others didn’t know this holiday existed.

  5. After, reading this article I think that the holiday should be a national holiday. I also think that this holiday should be taught in school.

  6. I have never heard of Juneteenth, but after reading this article I think this is something very cool that needs to be done so people know what they’re having this day for. I also liked how they put when slaves got free into this reading because people need to know what they’re marching and having this day for.

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