Lesson Plan on the History of Creating Racially Segregated Communities in the US

Redlining- https://www.peoplesworld.org/article/how-redlining-led-to-rioting-police-and-segregation/

Dr. David Childs, Ph.D.
Northern Kentucky University

The Teaching Tolerance website has been a site we have drawn material from for some time now. Their mission is to help teachers and schools educate children and youth to be active participants in a diverse democracy. The Teaching Tolerance site offers free resources to K-12 educators covering a variety of topics in the area of social justice and anti-bias. The work is based on an understanding that “anti-bias education works through the four domains of identity, diversity, justice and action.”

Their latest series of lesson plans is called The Color of Law. The lessons deal with how US law has been complicit in creating systems of inequality. The first lesson in the series is entitled “Creating Racially Segregated Communities.” The material and resources in this lesson students understand “how federal, state and local housing laws and policies advantaged white Americans throughout the 20th century, especially during the years from the Great Depression to the civil rights movement.”

Please click the link above to find this lesson as well as others for classroom use. Lessons like these are essential in US classrooms today because even though we have made some progress as it relates to racial equality and equity we have been finding out of late that we are not nearly as far along as we once thought.

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