Just For Kids: Democracy 101

Inspired by our Camp cARTwheel collaboration with ArtWorks and The Well, we’ve launched a series of fun learning resources for younger students (grades 2-6), created by older ones (high school and college). The goal is to introduce a few important civics topics in an engaging way, so that when kids hit those Government Strand curriculum standards in grades 7 and 8, they’re ready!

First up: “Tree” Branches of Goverment, a short video featuring University of Cincinnati students Myriam Wane and Kish Richardson, a.k.a. “President Myriam” and “Congressman Kish,” talking about how the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches work, or are supposed to work, in our American democracy. Other videos address Voting, Speaking Out, Epi Allyship… and we’ve got more on the way. Got an idea for a video? We take requests, and we welcome student submissions.

Here’s a link to our YouTube playlist.

Here’s a downlodable activity sheet illustrated by Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts student Abby Doench, to go along with the lessons, and you’ll find the Art on the Streets “Create the Vote” coloring pages here.

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