How Much Will I Share?

The How Much Will I Share activity below introduces a deeper dive into understanding issues of personal privacy. Engaging students by exploring their own digital footprint with the following bell ringer exercise leads into lessons in which students research and gain understanding of journalistic discovery techniques and reporting ethics.

How Much Will I Share?

Cautionary Note: When introducing the discussion during which students are asked to share information about their own personal digital content, be very observant of students’ behavior and body language. Some students may display discomfort or anxiety about discussing previous activities on the web. Assure students they may share as much or as little as they feel comfortable. In addition, have a plan for how you will respectfully and quietly address any compromising images or information students may discover about themselves that they do not wish to share with others. It may be useful to have written information and be available for students to address such content with you or other adults after the class period.



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