Episode 61: Let’s Go PodCamping!

Guest artist Candice Handy of Cincinnati Shakespeare Co. (in white) leads warmups at the Democracy & Me PodCamp.

Less bugs, more microphones—this is how we like to commune with the elements here at D&Z. Cincinnati Public Radio’s first-ever PodCamp brought together students from across the region on a recent Sunday afternoon to brainstorm, develop, and record their own mini-podcasts, with inspiration and tech help from some creative pros. Here’s what the three teams came up with… and then some.

Introduction: Jordan Polk, of Elementz, recent alumnus of Democracy & Me and the University of Cincinnati

Part 1: Lost in Transition

Real talk about what these Covid school years have done to us, with Norah Zellen and Annabelle Freeman of Nagel Middle School; Emmalee Brammer of North Adams H.S., and Olivia Kelly of Winton Woods H.S.

Content advisory: This segment contains references to self-harm, suicide, vaping, and drug use.

Part 2: #Overrated

Pawan Rai of Aiken New Tech H.S. and Jonathan Moody of Walnut Hills H.S. explain why that movie (which they may or may not have seen) is not as good as you think it is. Also: geometry class. Too many numbers.

Part 3: Mind Your Business

The real problem is that too many people (and some entire countries) are paying attention to all the wrong things. With Sydnie Barrett of Walnut Hills H.S., and Syriene Djakata and Joyeuse Muhorakeye of Aiken H.S.

Part 4: Playback Circle Time

We came, we played, we podded: PodCampers and staff work the picket line and reflect on the day’s lessons.

“Robert,” our unofficial PodCamp mascot, drawn by Emmalee Brammer of North Adams H.S.

Incidental audio featuring the students with D&Z producer Julie Coppens, CET-TV education producer Mark Lammers, guest artists Candice Handy of Cincinnati Shakespeare Co., Jordan Polk of Elementz, and Harrison Hensley and Ellyn Broderick of ComedySportz OTR. Special thanks to Mark, Kristen Teter and all our friends at CET-TV for co-hosting, WVXU audio engineer Derrick Smith for working the board, “Start Hear” podcast producer Tripp Eldredge for giving us the lowdown, and to Myles Bess of KQED’s “Above the Noise” for an awesome pep talk.

Episode recorded at WVXU and CET-TV on May 1, 2022

Emmalee, Olivia, Norah and Annabelle plot out their podcast segment.
CET’s Mark Lammers (in black), PodCampers and staff play a “picket line” wrap-up game.
“Start Hear” podcast producer/host and Cincinnati Public Radio board member Tripp Eldredge shares some basics that all good podcasts need: structure, story, style, and a hook that curious listeners can’t resist.
Jordan, left, coaching Jonathan and Pawan in the podcast studio.
Syd, Syriene, and Joyeuse recording “Mind Your Business” using a Yeti mic and a laptop.

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