Episode 54: Facing Our Past at the Freedom Center

Back in December, a group of Democracy & Me students visited the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center (www.freedomcenter.org), joined by members of the Cincinnati Public Radio staff. We toured the permanent exhibits From Slavery to Freedom, with stories and artifacts from Colonial times to Emancipation; the Slave Pen, a reconstructed cabin from pre-Abolition Kentucky; and Invisible: Slavery Today, which uncovers human trafficking around the world, in our own times.

We also viewed a special exhibition called Designing Justice, featuring the striking posters of artist/activist Luba Lukova, on display through March 22. We watched a documentary film about the Civil Rights movement, and learned about monumental narrative quilts by Aminah Brenda Lynn, called Journeys 1 and 2.

In this episode of Democracy & Z, you can journey through the galleries with us, explore the displays, and listen in on our reflections. And if you’d like to see some of the exhibits and artworks we talk about here, check out the video version of this episode on our YouTube channel

The podcasters:

  • Cierra Britten, University of Cincinnati
  • Tasnim Saad, Aiken New Tech H.S.
  • Enock Sadiki, New Tech H.S.
  • Nazret Degaulle, Walnut Hills H.S.
  • Michelle Miao, Talawanda H.S.
  • Emma Feldmeier, Wyoming H.S.
  • Lael Ingram, Walnut Hills H.S.

With WVXU reporter Cory Sharber, Cincinnati Public Radio events coordinator Katie Query, and Democracy & Z producer Julie Coppens

Here are a few images from the tour:

Photos by Nazret Degaulle and Julie Coppens

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