Episode 50: Especially In an Off-Year, All Politics Is Local

The cheesy mom-and-pop billboards, the endlessly unreadable ballot measures, the ridiculous number of candidates (34? 37?) scrumming for nine Cincinnati City Council seats… You really have to be a geek for politics to get into local elections, especially in an odd year, with no Presidential or Congressional races on the ballot. And that’s too bad.

Because as we know, being politics geeks ourselves (despite still being too young to vote), what happens at the local level can have a huge impact on our lives, while revealing a lot about government in general. Once you start paying attention—showing up at school board meetings, canvassing for a municipal campaign, maybe even thinking about running for office yourself someday—you realize local politics is kinda cool.

We hope that if you’re of age, you’ll do your homework, make yourself an informed voter (the WVXU Voter Guide and the local League of Women Voters are two of our go-to’s), and show up at the polls on Nov. 2.

The podcasters:

  • Owen Derico (host), Walnut Hills H.S. and Young Activists Coalition
  • Eliza O’Keefe, Walnut Hills H.S. and Young Activists Coalition
  • Lael Ingram, Walnut Hills H.S. and Democracy & Me
  • Michelle Miao, Talawanda H.S. and Democracy & Me
  • Emma Feldmeier, Wyoming H.S. and Democracy & Me

Conversation recorded on Zoom Oct. 24, 2021

Photo caption and credit: Student activist Klarke Griffith speaking outside Cincinnati City Hall during last year’s racial justice demonstrations. WVXU/Democracy & Me photo by Julie Coppens 

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