Episode 44: I’m Just Asking (feat. Peaslee’s Agents of Change)

Who am I, really?

How can I stand up against peer pressure?

Do aliens exist?

This summer the teen Agents of Change at the Peaslee Neighborhood Center in Over-the-Rhine pondered these and other essential questions, while developing their own student podcast.

We at D&Z had the great honor of working with some of these creative change-makers and are delighted to share a sample of their audio projects here, in this special guest episode.

The podcasters:

  • McKenzie, age 13
  • Jackson, age 14
  • Nia, age 15
  • Jorge, 13
  • Ana, age 15
  • Thaddeus, age 14

Big thanks to Joele Newman and everyone at the Peaslee Neighborhood Center, “a peaceful place in Over-The-Rhine where residents create and engage in participatory education to foster creative expression, self-determination, and social change.” Click here to learn more about the Agents of Change youth program, and how you can get involved.

Here are Democracy & Me, we welcome youth podcast submissions from anywhere, and are always looking for outstanding student work to highlight. To share your work or learn more, reach out to producer Julie Coppens by email, jcoppens@cinradio.org, or use our contact form.