Episode 4: QuaranTeens

“I miss being a teenager.”

In this episode, eleven area students break out of isolation—sort of—and share personal experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic, from rediscovering the joy of reading, to binge-watching “The West Wing,” to raising thousands of dollars for frontline-heroes’ PPE. We are the QuaranTeens. And we’re doing the best we can.  

Featuring the voices of:

Eliot Berberich, Talawanda H.S. (opening credits and April 1 COVID-19 diary)

Emma Dalton, School for Creative and Performing Arts (introduction)

Mary DeFoor, School for Creative and Performing Arts (“Rain Song”)

Seth Coppens, School for Creative and Performing Arts (“…and this is QuaranTeens!”)

Alexis Birmingham, Talawanda H.S. (March 29, March 30, and April 2 COVID-19 diaries)

Peyton Kirby, School for Creative and Performing Arts (“A lot to talk about”)

Jiahao Guo, Mason H.S., founder of the Coronavirus Relief Project

Jaden Smedley, Finneytown H.S. (“Heart”)

Carly Goodman, Talawanda H.S. (April 2 COVID-19 diary)

Peter Averbach, Talawanda H.S. (“Coronavirus Chronicles”)

Issey Sherman, Clark Montessori H.S. (“Wake me up when this all ends”)


  1. This was very enlightening and inspiring. I enjoyed each person but of course I enjoyed my grandson Jaden Smedley in a special way. Well done God Bless you all!

  2. This is a really good episode. The title says it all QuaranTeens. You guys are amazing. Thank you to all of the youth on this project for sharing your heart. Shout out to Ms. Julie Coppens for empowering the youth and giving them a voice. Shout out to Elementz and the amazing work they continue to do. Keep up the awesome work.

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