Episode 35: Can We Heal the Planet from Environmental Racism?

Heading into Earth Day (officially, April 22), we’re digging into our own backyard, talking about how the various ecologies of Cincinnati affect everyone’s health, for better or worse. Special guest Bob Hyland, a local expert on environmental justice, explains why racism and privilege have so much to do with the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the green spaces we have access to, and the global-warming consequences we suffer.

He also tells us what PFAS are, and why we should worry about them. But it’s not all gloom and doom for planet Earth; listen up and learn how you can be part the healing.

The podcasters:

  • Harnoor Mann (host), University of Cincinnati
  • Bob Hyland, Associate Professor, University of Cincinnati
  • Joyeuse Muhorakeye, Aiken H.S.
  • Brennan Jones, Finneytown H.S.
  • Enock Sadiki, Aiken H.S.
  • Alex Bentley, University of Cincinnati/Transitions & Access Program
  • Anne Stevenson, University of Cincinnati/Transitions & Access Program

Podcast originally recorded Sunday, March 28, 2021, via Zoom.

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Here’s a link to the eco-advocacy group Health in Harmony, mentioned in the podcast by Harnoor.

And here’s a link to Jordan Polk’s article on the recent Environmental Justice Advocacy Summit at the University of Cincinnati: https://www.democracyandme.org/hidden-poisons-a-report-on-the-environmental-justice-advocacy-symposium/