Episode 33: HERstory: Celebrating Women, Known and Unknown

It’s March, a.k.a. Women’s History Month, so… we have thoughts. As much as we revere the mostly unsung sheroes of the past (like the ones who fought for the Nineteenth Amendment, because voting, hello!), we reserve our biggest love for the strong women who’ve graced our own personal histories: mothers, grandmothers, aunties, educators. “Seeing that there’s a month that you’re supposed to praise women… is amazing, but I think it’s not enough,” says University of Cincinnati freshman Lili Nshimirimnana. “If we’re going to celebrate them, we have to treat them better.”

Come for the empowerment, stay for the Women’s History pop quiz.

The podcasters:

  • Noah Hawes (host), from Elementz
  • Kylie Bridgeman, Walnut Hills H.S., from Tellus Zine
  • Lili Nshimirimnana, University of Cincinnati, from Democracy & Me

Be sure to check out the D&M blog for a wealth of Women’s History Month learning resources. And not just in March.

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