Episode 30: ‘Back to Normal’ In a Bottle?

Doctor's hand holding bottle vaccine Covid-19 from storage box. Medication treatment concept.

“Last year we shed tear after tear

But hurrah, hooray, the vaccine is here!

Maybe it’ll be safe within the next Leap Year?”

Don’t worry—this whole episode won’t sound like something by Dr. Seuss, but we will be poking around the rhymes and reasons, facts and fictions swirling around the available COVID-19 vaccines. What’s actually in that stuff? How does it work? What are the risks? And why should we be excited about the new vaccines, if most of us in Gen Z are way in the back of the line to get one?

Sit down, roll up your sleeves and get ready for a dose… of reality.

The podcasters:

  • Jordan Polk (host), University of Cincinnati
  • Enock Sadiki, Aiken H.S.
  • Brennan Jones, Finneytown Secondary School
  • Jordan Shaw, Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts
  • Alex Bentley, University of Cincinnati (Transition & Access Program)
  • Anne Stevenson, University of Cincinnati (Transition & Access Program)

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