Episode 26: Home Streaming, Take 273

You know who’s not tired of watching movies at home? Our friend TT Stern-Enzi, film critic for Fox19 and Cincinnati CityBeat, and a curator for the Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival.

With cinemas and festivals largely shut down due to the pandemic, and most blockbuster releases still on hold, TT has finally had time this year to revisit past favorites while catching up on other streaming entertainment.

Here, he talks with D&Z’s Jordan Shaw about what to watch during this long, lonely winter, and what to look forward to when things open back up in 2021 (one word, spoiler alert: DUNE).

The two also dig into politics, racial justice and representation, cancel culture as it relates to disgraced Hollywood stars, and more. Action!

The podcasters:

Jordan Shaw & TT Stern-Enzi

Here’s a link to TT’s last appearance on the podcast—give it a listen if you missed it.

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