Episode 24: The Endless Election, Part 2

Hold up, it’s still not over? We’re still waiting for Donald Trump to concede the 2020 Presidential race to Joe Biden, and in the meantime, we have a lot to talk about. This election, and its aftermath, showed Americans how deeply divided—and yes, how deeply racist—our country still is. That’s not going to magically change on January 20, 2021, when Biden and Kamala Harris, our first Black, first Asian, and first female Vice President, take the oath of office. We know this much: getting rid of Trump won’t solve all our problems: “You either take a ‘L’ or a bigger ‘L,’ you know what I’m sayin’?”

The podcasters:

  • Noah Hawes (host), of Elementz
  • Jean Pateman, Tallawanda H.S., Democracy & Me intern
  • Naina Purushothaman,  Seven Hills School student and member of Tellus Zine Editorial Board
  • Rashad Rice, Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts
  • Youssouf Athie (a.k.a. Twenny Foe), graduate of Hughes H.S.

Recorded Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020

For more student thoughts surrounding the 2020 Presidential race and results, check the Democracy & Me interns’ Election Diaries.

And here’s a video version of this podcast, on the Elementz YouTube channel:

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