Episode 23: The Endless Election

Even when (if?) Donald Trump concedes the 2020 Presidential race to Joe Biden, our American Red/Blue struggle will be far from over. “It’s sad how divided we become, and also just seeing how much we hate each other,” says Nico Luginbill, one of six Democracy & Me interns who gathered via Zoom the day after Biden’s announced victory to talk through one of the longest weeks ever in our young lives. “I hope that under the Biden presidency, if things go well, we can start to at least have some kind of middle ground again.”

National unity, racial equality, a plan to control the pandemic, swift action on climate change, an end to police brutality, safety from gun violence, affordable college, better jobs, healthcare, disability rights, LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, rights in general… Young progressives have a lengthy to-do list for the incoming Biden/Harris administration, and we know that none of it will be easy. But for today, at least, we have hope.

The podcasters:

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