Episode 20: Eyes on the Election

We’re not all old enough to cast ballots this year, but we’re definitely casting a lot of our attention on this crazy Presidential race, as well as the important state and local contests also to be decided Nov. 3 (we hope)—all of which will have major consequences for our young lives.

Though we tend to hold progressive views on issues like climate change, racial justice, education access and equity, reproductive rights and LGBTQ+ equality, don’t assume we’re all rooting for the Democrats. Some of us are already burned out on both major parties, and are even questioning the whole of point of voting. Why participate in a system that serves so many Americans so badly, while reserving so much wealth and power for so few?

(To hear from students on the more conservative end of the spectrum, check out Episode 14: Torn Apart in the Heartland.)

Lots to talk about. Here we go!

The podcasters:

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