Episode 2, Part 2: Activism Fatigue

“In 2020, a lot of people are gonna be like, why even? Why even go to the polls? Look what happened last time…. Just watching the news—it starts to truly rot you from the inside. It’s so much.

They’re making the posters. They’re rocking the hashtags. They’re organizing the rallies—and actually showing up. They’re knocking on your door, campaigning for the issues and the candidates they care about.

Who are these student activists, how did they get this way, and do they really think they can change the world?

By some reports, today’s young adults are the most politically savvy and engaged generation in American history. We’re seeing their influence in this election year, at least on social media, although historically, young voters have not pulled their weight at the polls.

Meet four Walnut Hills High School students (Yousuf Munir, Klarke Griffith, David Osterbrock and Lydia Graves) who are determined to shake things up, now, IRL. (Podcast originally recorded Jan. 28, 2020.)

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