Episode 18: What Is This Life Right Now?

Surviving School, Work, Family and Other COVID-Era Disasters

Yeah, we’re so over this. Six months on and no end in sight, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on almost every aspect of our young-adult lives. Many of us are struggling with virtual school; others are fearful about attending class in person, or working our jobs. Our families have been hit financially, and some of us have lost loved ones.

It hasn’t been all bad: some of us are exploring new hobbies and interests, we’re taking some cool online classes, reading more, spending more time outdoors than we used to, getting more engaged politically, really getting to know our immediate family members… and we’re more appreciative of the good things in our lives. “This time has been one of unification,” reflects UC senior Jordan Polk. “Everyone has been experiencing loss and missing out on opportunities and just going through the same struggles together. I’ve personally seen people be more accommodating and kind and understanding to others… because we’re all experiencing similar stuff. It’s good to see us coming together and trying to work through it as one.”

What will be the long-term impact of these experiences on our generation? We have some thoughts…

The podcasters:

Producer’s note: This podcast was recorded on Sept. 27, 2020; in the days since, local COVID-19 cases have increased enough to put Hamilton County into the Red zone, which led Cincinnati Public Schools to delay its plans for in-person learning next week and continue with online learning for most students. Details will be discussed at the next CPS board meeting on Oct. 5. How the designation might affect other area school districts remains unclear.

Lukas Bells’ essay can be found here.
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