Episode 14: Torn Apart in the Heartland

As the Republican National Convention takes the media spotlight, we turn over the mic to a group of newcomers to the podcast: teens from rural communities and small towns beyond the I-275 beltway.

These young adults often feel out of step when it comes to political discussions—it’s a struggle to express opinions that are often more moderate in conservative communities, and hard to find common ground on the issues that matter most, especially in these tense and divisive times.

Recorded via Zoom on Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020

The Podcasters:

  • Rose Dean (host), a University of Cincinnati freshman and recent graduate of Western Brown High School, which is near Bethel, Ohio, a small town east of Cincinnati that made national news this summer when biker gangs and other heavily armed counter-protesters disrupted a racial justice demonstration.
  • Elijah Dean (no relation), a sophomore at Franklin County High School, in eastern Indiana
  • Derek Brimhall, also a sophomore at Franklin County High School
  • Madison Davis, from Batavia, a freshman at Ohio University
  • Emily Shoker, a sophomore at Talawanda High School, in Oxford, Ohio
Eliot, Rose, Derek, Madison & Emily via Zoom

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