Election Hub

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Citizens, Not Spectators
Citizens, Not Spectators is a program from Center for Civic Education that provides voter education to students in grades 4-12. Its curriculum teaches how to cast a vote, how the voting process works, how to become an informed voter, and why it is important to vote.

Voting Rights
Helps you explore the evolution of voting rights in the United States. Students will learn about US voting laws, obstacles to voting, Susan B. Anthony and the history of voting.

Election Process: How Elections Happen from Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government
The election process for Federal officials, specifically the President and Vice President, Senators, and Representatives, is explained.

Voters Ed
Voters Ed offers historical presidential election data.

The Youth Leadership Initiative
The Youth Leadership Initiative is presented by the University of Virginia Center for Politics, providing free civics education materials and programs. YLI programs are designed to help students to understand and take responsibility as citizens, becoming lifelong participants in democracy with lesson plans and activities, each program includes simulations and hands-on projects that connect students with the political process.

CSPAN Classroom
CSPAN offers free primary source material for social studies classrooms, including lessons on campaigns and elections.

Scholastic News
Scholastic News offers an election website with resources for elementary school teachers.

You Choose – from PBS Kids
PBS Kids helps you introduce President Donald Trump to elementary students.