Are You Watching HAMILTON?

HAMILTON fan-art by Abby Doench

And just as importantly: Have you listened to our podcast?

Thanks to Abby Doench, a visual art major at the Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts, for creating this awesome fan art for us, and for joining the Democracy & Z podcast team with a few other Hamilton superfans last week to preview the film’s July 3 release on Disney+. 

Here’s a link to the audio podcast, if you haven’t heard it; and here’s a link to the video version on the D&Z YouTube channel.

Now it’s your turn: Tell us what you think of the film and of the musical. We’ve seen a lot of criticism of Hamilton lately: Some say the show glorifies white supremacy, colonialism, and capitalism, while ignoring the Founding Fathers’ personal histories as enslavers. Here’s a CNN article, and another from USA Today, summing up the controversies.

Fair? You tell us. Comment here or reach out to D&Z producer Julie Coppens:

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