A new pitch for citizenship

“Congratulations, you are all United States citizens.” With these simple words, a federal judge welcomed new citizens as part of a series of naturalization ceremonies held in recent weeks at professional baseball stadiums across the country.

What better place to become an American than on a baseball field? Over the past few weeks, hundreds of new citizens were sworn in at professional ballparks around the country. Here’s a heartwarming video of ceremonies and interviews, with more on Constitution and Citizenship Day, historically celebrated this week.

The video might prompt classroom discussions about what it means to be a citizen–and whether those of us who have enjoyed that privilege from birth might not have the same appreciation or understanding as those who’ve had to earn it.

  • If you’re a United States citizen, how did you become one?
  • Is being a citizen something to celebrate? Why or why not?
  • Consider holding a Constitution and Citizenship Day party for the class. Assign groups of students to organize refreshments, entertainment, decorations, a ceremony of some kind, maybe a baseball toss… whatever they think a rockin’ Constitution and Citizenship Day party should have. Make it fun!

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