A Colorful Way to Get Out the Vote

Our friends at Art on the Streets are making it easy (and fun) to get information about voting in 2020, with these super-cool coloring pages created by local artists Kevin Necessary (“VOTE”) and Lizzy DuQuette (“Create the Vote”). The organization is raising funds and volunteers to provide free coloring kits, include two pages, crayons, and glue dots to display everyone’s handiwork around town.

Each coloring page includes a QR code and website to direct voters to information about registering, requesting and completing a mail-in ballot, voting early, and finding the correct polling place–all points of concern, and occasional confusion, in these pandemic times.

“We believe that sometimes information is most effectively shared by family members and neighbors, rather than from officials or a bureaucratic source,” says project leader Margy Waller. “When kids bring coloring kits home, the creative approach brings attention to information in a whole, new way. And coloring pages in windows are eye-catching for passers-by and visitors, so we put the website and QR code there to make it simple for neighbors to follow up, too.”

Democracy & Me is proud to support this unique, artful, grass-roots “Get Out the Vote” project. We hope you’ll participate–follow Art on the Streets to find out when and where to get a coloring kit, or simply download and print the pages from here. Then share your masterpieces with us on social media (tag DemocracyAndMe on Twitter or Instagram), or via email to jcoppens@cinradio.org. Happy coloring, and voting!

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